hottest father son duo

nonono not ANOTHER fic idea

After binge-watching the Hobbit, Pushing Daisies, Pirates of the Carribean and Dracula Untold, Thranduil/Ned, Legolas/Will und Bard/Dracula just wouldn't leave me alone. But can you blame me!? They are just so... (yes, hot too, but I meant) inspiring. And dammit where does my obsession lead me?! To yet another fic idea in another fandom. I so do not need this, I have enough on my plate, but since I'm a slave to my imagination... I'm working on a short PotC/PD/DU/Hobbit x-over.

Someone, please clone me already so I can finally get all my wips done!

Dracula Untold/Game of Thrones Crossover Challenge anyone?

or Dracula Untold/Game of Thrones/Dracula- Prince of Darkness (2013).

I just watched "Dracula- Prince of Darkness" (2013). It's not the best Dracula movie, but not the worst. In fact it has unrealised potential and there are some really good scenes. And this Dracula is blond. A blond "dragon". GoT has a blonde mother of dragons. And voila... fic idea. But I don't have the time to write this either. Any volunteers?

If you know above mentioned Dracula movie, you can include it, but I want to see at least a Dracula Untold/Game of Thrones Crossover. Canon or AU, you decide. Make Jon Snow Dracula's son (both have that dark, brooding look) since he had one in DU. Reincarnation was a theme in DU. *hinthint* ;o)

Include Mirena if you want or give her a new incarnation. Daenerys has to be in it, though.

I have an idea for a f/m pairing. But I don't want to influence you or put you off. Leave a reply if you need to know it to get your ideas flowing.